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1. We used to pioneer the using of EPS and air bag in the carbon frame manufacturing.

Because of the low cost of EPS and the air bag, the total cost to make a carbon frame has ben greatly reduced. Especially the EPS becomes in tiny sizes when heated during moding, so we can pull out the air bag, together with EPS in it, after moding, without hurting the inner wall. It is called monocoque for the kind of technology.

2. Double Moulds: Cable Stopper Tool Intergrated With Frame Body Tool
Cable Stopper is an important part for a frame. We use the two tools together, to make the cable stopper molding together with the frame body. So that the cable stopper won't be broken off easily.

3. Do you want to see how a carbon frame is made in our factory?
Do you want to learn how we test our carbon frame?
Please click here to see the process.

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