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The most outstanding tech for our carbon rim would be the High TG Resin and the patented way to make the tire bead.

" For the carbon bicycle rims in the market, the majority of their
tire beads are made manually, which can result in the low efficiency and unstable quality. In 2012, Q2 Cycling developed the machine to realize the automatic production for carbon bicycle rims. Together with the Q2 Cycling high TG resin, the technology can greatly increase the physical performance and can make sure the rim endure the ultra high braking heat. So it’s fair to say that the technology solved the difficulty of the carbon fiber rim deformation caused by braking and loading. "

1. High TG Resin
For TG point, it means glass-liquid transition temperature. So when the temperature reaches the TG, the object would be melting down in the next few time. We know, it can produces massive heat during riding and breaking. Heat can cause high temperature.

So compared with the 160
℃ on the market, ours is more than 240 ℃ , which can greatly protect us especially during breaking.

2. Our Patented way to make tire bead
Tire bead is the other important feature to make a better carbon rim. Traditionally, people use wood to help make the shape, and then forcelly get away by hand. While for us, firstly, we would use a special kind of plastic, and use the machine to make the plastic and the rim body together. And then after the molding, the plastic would be peeled away by the machine. In this way, not only we can make the braking zone stiffer and more beautiful, but also we can greatly reduce the cost for an average carbon rim.

3. Do you want to know how a carbon rim is made from the carbon fiber?
Do you want to know how we control our quality in every process?
Do you want to know our we test our carbon rim to make sure the quality?
Please click here to see the process. There will be pictures and video.

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