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Technology has always been the drive for better quality and better price. It makes our life more beautiful.
Our Research & Development Center unceasingly look for ways to reinforce the stiffness, make our customers feel more comfortable for using our product, bring down the cost and liberate the labor.

1. Carbon Rim Tech

The most outstanding tech for our carbon rim would be the High TG Resin and the patented way to make the tire bead.

2. Carbon Frame Tech

We started from the manufacturning of carbon frames. We dare say we actually pioneered the using of EPS and air bag in the mass production. This can greatly increase the production efficiency and reduce the cost.

3. Carbon Wheels Building

The building for the carbon wheels can be easy or can be complicate. We prefer the complicate way, just to make sure the accuracy and the safety. So we turn to the Holland Machine to help us build the best one.

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